"I had no idea!"
  A member's reaction to a QuickCheck of a former problem employee. The search revealed 51 criminal cases spanning over 20 years.

What is a QuickCheck?

A program to reduce L&I claims.
25% of all workers' comp claims are fraudulent (from a study conducted by the Fraud Advisory Commission of the National Counsel on Compensation Insurance). It has been proven that individuals who engage in acts of fraud have often engaged in other criminal activities including illegal drugs, theft and even violent crimes.

Employees that abuse drugs are 3.6 times more likely than non-abusers to be involved in a workplace accident (National Institute of Drug Abuse).

A program to reduce your liability through better hiring practice
The QuickCheck is a fast and inexpensive method of weeding out those individuals with patterns of criminal behavior that could prove detrimental to the growth and health of your business and the safety of your employees. There is also a direct correlation between employee theft and drug abuse.

A web-based court search service available to members through our website.
For $6.95 you get the fastest and most cost-effective means of searching criminal records in Washington State available anywhere.

Washington Courts Access
A QuickCheck search uses the CourtTrax fast and inexpensive access to the Washington District and Municipal Courts as well as the Superior Courts. A QuickCheck search is actually 2 comprehensive statewide searches for criminal records.
    District & Municipal statewide criminal search - 182 courts with information updated on a daily basis. See Court Detail information for a list of court start dates (how far back the search goes)

    Superior Court statewide criminal search - All 39 Superior Courts with information updated every week. See Court Detail information for a list of court start dates (how far back the search goes).

"Stuff disappeared from jobsites - now I know why."
  A QuickCheck of a former problem employee that shows drug and burglary charges.
"He said he had a few minor traffic tickets."
  A QuickCheck returns a report containing 64 district and municipal court cases involving criminal traffic incidents.