Need court documents fast? Our runners are standing by.

Although CourtTrax Online provides you with easy access to electronic court documents, sometimes the documents you need are only available at the court. We provide court runner services nationwide. Our Case Detail Reports let you order the documents you need directly from our search results — but you don't even need a CourtTrax account to order them.

Need to get documents to the court instead? We do that, too, with our DOCUMENT RECORDING SERVICE →

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Electronic Document Retrieval in Online Courts
If a court provides electronic access to documents in online courts CourtTrax provides the ability to order those documents directly from our Case Detail Report. We will retrieve the documents for you in a matter of seconds.

Manual Document Retrieval in Online Courts
In those courts where CourtTrax provides online access to name and case number searching, but where document retrieval is manual, CourtTrax has the answer. Simply order your documents from our Case Detail Report and we will send our Court Runner to the court to retrieve the documents and send them to you in PDF attached to an email.

Manual Documents in Manual Courts
For courts where there is no online access to name and case number searching or documents, simply complete the Order Form on this page. CourtTrax will dispatch a Runner directly to the court to conduct a name or case number search and retrieve your documents. We will then forward the documents to you in a PDF attached to an email.

CourtTrax Document Retrieval Service combines deep knowledge and experience, excellent customer service and quick delivery time, all at a very competitive price to deliver the documents you need when you want them.

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