Real-time court records right at your fingertips.

Define your ELECTRONIC SEARCH to locate court records for an individual, a business, or case number. Our system will automatically create multiple iterations of your search terms to return the most complete and accurate set of information available. CourtTrax completes a real-time search across multiple county and Federal courts as needed in a matter of seconds, and aggregates all of the data into a single set of simple-to-understand results.

Need to stay up-to-date on any changes to the results you find? Do it automatically with CASE WATCH AND NAME ALERT →

The Problem

Federal, county, district and municipal court data bases have different data and storage systems, all of which contain errors.

For example, we have found instances in the Oregon state Judicial Information System where name entries for the same individual appear in up to twenty different variations.

Court clerks routinely make data entry errors, everything from entering extra spaces before or after a name, to confusing common variant spellings of similar names, like O'Hara, O Hara, and Ohara.

Also, some of the information you need might be buried away in some older part of the court system databases. As newer systems are brought on-line, the older information generally stays where it is, making it harder to find unless you know to search all of these sources one at a time.

Despite how common these errors are, they're not addressed within the search programs at the court host systems.

All of these inconsistencies can lead to incomplete search results — but you'd never know they were incomplete, unless you knew how error-prone these systems are to begin with.

The Solution

We run a complete service survey on each court system we add, analyzing the search parameters and results to identify specific search logic errors at the host.

Then we write data-retrieval software to compensate for those errors, to make sure you get complete and accurate search results.

CourtTrax Online uses these rule sets with the patent-pending, multi-recursive search algorithms we have developed in-house.

Our system takes the searches you enter, modifies them to create as many separate queries as needed for a complete search, then searches the appropriate courts, and integrates the search results into a single report.

You get a full set of search results that you would never get searching the host system directly, even if you used multiple searches. There are no missed records, nothing you need to re-do. And all of this information is filtered down to remove duplicate records, so you have less information to review to find more of what you need.

You can't get this level of complete search results from the courts, and you won't find it through other vendors, who only do periodic database extracts and have fixed input commands. Only CourtTrax brings you the fast, comprehensive, and accurate results you need to make the right decisions for your business.

When the courts are down
If a court is temporarily unavailable in our system, or if your search returns errors, you don't need to keep checking back and trying again to see if the problem's gone away.

just contact us at or by phone, and CourtTrax Concierge will complete the search for you as soon as possible. We will send you the results in e-mail.

The CourtTrax Advantage

Our web-based technology is a highly scalable solution that easily accommodates new users, providing an easy-to-use interface that requires little or no training and no internal IT support. You can easily accommodate any user regardless of their location — including on-site, home-based, and off shore vendors.

Pay only when you search
With our highly-competitive transactional pricing, you pay as you go. There are never any setup fees, subscription fees, monthly minimums, or hidden costs. You only pay for the information you need. Our customized billing helps you pass your costs along to the right clients.

Access court documents
You can download any electronically available court documents, right from our Case Detail Reports. You can even easily order court runner services to retrieve any off-line documents that are only available at the courts.

Save and share your results
All of your searches are automatically retained by our system for ninety days, so you only need to pay for the search once and can easily refer back to it later.

We also offer tools that allow you to add notes to your Case Detail Reports, and share your reports with other CourtTrax users at your firm or organization. You can also email the reports to another colleague, or convert them to a PDF for printing.

Stay up-to-date
Need to run one of your searches again? You don't need to enter all the information a second time -- just press the "Re-Run" button and you're done. Want to keep track of changes to a court case automatically? You can do that, with Case Watch and Name Alert.

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