It’s your court data, when you need it. Or even sooner.

With COURTTRAX COURT DATA FEEDS, you don't have to learn the operating characteristics of every court, try to download all the cases you need, and then wrestle with normalizing all the different data formats. We've already done all the heavy lifting, to get you up and running within minutes.

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Custom Case Watch

We provide users with a way to set Case Watches and Name Alerts to get notifications of updated case information or new case activity related to specific individuals and businesses. This service provides scheduled automatic case updates to feed custom applications, as Mission-Critical information in your business processes.


  • Real-time case status information for law firm docketing systems, targeting Practice Calendars and Litigation Support systems
  • Use Case Alerts to notify a law firm Practice Group of litigation that could threaten a current or potentially new client
  • Provide current information on litigation activity when performing Due Diligence in Finance activities

Currently we feed real-time case status information as Case Alerts as an OEM service provider, to a legal information services provider. They in turn use our standard Web Services to run name searches and case detail reports, which often become the target case for continuing case watch services.

"What differentiates us is the accuracy and timeliness of our data, our rigorous up-front QA processes and our ability to swiftly deal with changes and issues .... CourtTrax has worked with us to streamline processing of court records, literally saving us hours per day."

Court Work

Daily scheduled feeds of specific types of newly filed court cases, foreclosures, judgments, per customer specs. Every night we go on-line and look up thousands of new cases filed earlier that day in a number of courts. We record specific information for specific cases and send the information to our customers.

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For example, we log on to Washington superior courts and record specific information in all new foreclosure cases, then send this information to our customers. They in turn load this case information to the data bases that they use when creating title reports. This is mission-critical data for our customers.

we collect case information every night and deliver it to our customers the next morning. The Process Flow shows our how our Court Runner Network works with on Court Work process to do supplemental research associated with our court work feeds.

Bulk Data Feeding

When you need every case filed within a specific jurisdiction in the past, as well as scheduled updates going forward, then you need Bulk Data Feeding. Our Bulk Data Feeding projects are more inclusive than Court Work — we go to a court's web site and collect information about every case filed over a specified time range, such as the past 20 years.

We collect all the cases that meet your specifications, then build batch files of the data. After we deliver this bulk data to you for your initial database load, we set up a regularly scheduled update service to keep your databases current.

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Since these are mission-critical services, we have built very robust systems to run and manage these processes. All of our output goes through a rigorous Quality Check to verify that we are providing you with accurate, timely data.

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